Our services are...

Free and confidential

Offered to residential and nonresidential (outreach) survivors

Handled on a case by case basis (We, of all people, know that each survivor and each situation is different)

Together We Provide...

Emergency shelter, food and clothing- Our 27 bed facility can house women and children seeking a safe place, for up to 90 days. Our shelter is in a confidential location in Floyd County.

24-hour Crisis Intervention- Crisis Line 706-235-4673(HOPE)

Financial Support- Our advocates are equipped to provide an assessment for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) eligibility. Click here for information on TANF eligibility in Georgia.

Legal Advocacy- One of our trained legal advocates can provide information and assistance in filing Temporary Protective Orders (TPO) and can offer accompaniment to court hearings. Click here for more information on Family Violence Laws in Georgia.

Parenting Support Group- HH offers survivors the tools and the skills to support positive parenting.

Domestic Violence Support Group- Our support groups empower individuals to make a plan of safety and to recognize signs and patterns of unhealthy relationships. 

Individual and Group Counseling- HH maintains partnerships with licensed and trained professional counselors/therapists.

Children's Experiential Support Group- Our Family Advocate engages the children in activities and outings that provide an outlet for them to express internal emotions and exercise the imagination. 

Relocation Assistance- HH advocates can help survivors make arrangements for independent housing. 

Social Service Agency Referral/Advocacy- The advocates of HH can connect survivors to numerous resources within the community to provide assistance; whether it be additional housing, financial assistance etc.

Community Education and Outreach- It is essential that our community is aware of the dangers, prevalence and painful effects of domestic violence. HH has an Outreach Coordinator that is happy to provide domestic violence education to the community. Click here if your school, church, club etc. would like to request a speaker.


NOTE:  We incorporate all necessary partnerships to offer quality services to those who do not claim English as a first language.